Last night was one of those loud, hot and sweaty shows where some people were kicked out before we played for being too drunk. Others were knocked out cold by security, and the stage had 15 floor monitors that didn't work! It was a rowdy night in Daytona Beach!  There was something in the air that brought the "crazy" out in everyone last night!!

We had a great crowd of dedicated Wayland Warriors in the front row that inspired the band to pull close together and play like it was our last show ever. Two warriors even celebrated their 40th Wayland show last night!

Chip (our stage manager) was working multiple jobs at once as he help the local openers on and off with their gear, tried to get monitors working, mixed front of house sound, tuned and switched out Mitch's guitars between songs and tried to resuscitate a fallen man during "Reno." Who needs a road crew when you have a bad ass like Chip?!?

We were exhausted after the show and decided to crash. We crawled into our bunks around 3 a.m. We've all been up drinking coffee together and laughing about last night's events and planning the perfect afternoon to, as Dean put it, "celebrate the Super Bowl!"

Tomorrow, we wake up and drive to Texas!!

-- Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!