Yesterday, we left Daytona Beach, Fla., and drove all the way to Jackson, Miss.

We split up the drive between Tyler, Chip, and Mitch. I spent most of the day responding to emails and planning upcoming shows. Mitch and I are organizing the time we plan to spend in L.A. next week.

We'll only have two or three days in a studio, and need to figure out how to make the most out of the time. We have a few new songs we'd like to record, but there are a few touch-ups we need to do on the unreleased recordings of "All Rise" and "No More." With every recording stop, we inch closer to a release.

Dean spent a good portion of the day on the phone with promoters advancing the upcoming shows. We have a really action packed spring and summer planned.

We slept in a Walmart parking lot outside of Jackson and are finishing the journey to Dallas today.

A friend of ours from Michigan has a hotel room in Dallas that we can shower at. I had a great conversation with Eric Zane from "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" today about some really exciting plans for our next show at home in Grand Rapids. I'm hoping we can get all the details ironed out to announce everything by next week.

Chip put a few movies on my iPad for me over the weekend. We call him the entertainment director in the band because he has an endless library of movie on his computer. He puts a few at a time on our iPads for us to watch during long drives.

Last week, I watched "Hangover 3." I remember laughing my ass off at the first one, but this one didn't seem that funny to me. I'm planning on spending a few hours playing guitar tonight. All our guitars ride in a vault together in the trailer but I always keep one on the bus with me to play during these long travel days.

Goodbye, Florida. See ya'll in Texas!!

– Phil Vilenski

Guitarist Phil Vilenski from Wayland is a touring contributor to So, keep an eye out for more tour stories from the band!