I don't think that I could even tell you how many LulaRoe groups I'm a part of on Facebook. Seemingly every day I could browse through someone else's new inventory and buy a new skirt, or shirt, or dress, or pair of leggings (thankfully, I have some self control.)

LulaRoe is coming under fire, though, from many women who say that the clothing line isn't up to snuff.

CBS News reports that the company is the subject of a class action lawsuit that claims that women were wrongfully charged sales tax when they live in states that don't have sales tax on clothing. Other women are claiming that the quality of LulaRoe's products isn't what's promised, and that they have shady business practices.

CBS MoneyWatch received a statement from LulaRoe, who claims that the sales tax was accidentally charged via a former vendor that they used for the invoicing and payment. They also stated, "In addition to contracting a new payments vendor, we are proactively working to ensure that all affected customers are refunded for sales tax overcharges."

More than 200 complaints have been filed against the company on the Better Business Bureau's website. The complaints range from people who were incorrectly charged sales tax to those who say that the garments come with holes in them or easily rip.

To be fair, any and all LulaRoe consultants that a person orders from sends (or at least explains) proper care of the garments. Often times, your items will come shipped with a handy care instruction card like this one:

Wendy Reed/TSM

Full disclosure - I own a LOT of LulaRoe, I have several friends/family members that sell LulaRoe, and I've only ever had one issue with an item I've purchased (and that was replaced for free by the person I purchased it from.) So, i have to say that my personal experience with the company and its consultants has been extremely positive.

This is my leggings drawer (and this was taken a few months ago, so I have WAYYYY more now.)

So. Many. Leggings.

What about you Lula-lovers out there in West Michigan?