The people of Ohio can finally rest easy because the werewolf that was terrorizing their state has been finally been caught! A chick I know moved to Ohio a couple years ago, she was back in town visiting over Thanksgiving and I ran into her at the bar, she told me this story.
It’s about a 20 year old Ohio douche bag that thinks he's a werewolf!

About two weeks ago cops arrested the 20 year old guy who was running around scratching people and starting fights and howling. When cops got him in cuffs he told the cops that he was bitten by a wolf while on a trip to Germany last year, and ever since then, whenever there is a full moon he goes on the attack. Cops then asked him why he wasn't all hairy and why he didn't look like a werewolf, and the kid told them that his transformation wasn't complete yet, and it’s not like in the movies where you change into a werewolf right away. He told them in real life, the full werewolf transformation can takes one to two years.

Now, here’s the part that’s pretty unbelievable, cops said they didn’t believe the kid really was an actual werewolf, they think he was just drunk. Ya think?! Freakin douche!