GWAR has been around the metal scene for decades now. They are the definition of "Shock Rock." If you want to be coated in blood (fake blood), mosh hardcore, and get eaten by space aliens, you go to a GWAR show. Starting up their new tour, I got the chance to catch up with the scum dog, known as Oderus Urungus!

What can we expect from the upcoming tour?

"Devil Driver of course, they have been around forever. They are a great band, great guys, Dez is a good buddy of mine. I have always respected people who have had tattooed chins, I mean that is kinda takin' it a step further. Legacy of Disorder, they are actually here all the way from New Zealand.  Ya know though, let's not fool ourselves, we're here for the GWAR show. With the opening bands, possibly for the exception of Devil Driver. They are there, basically for you to stand at the bar and get wasted during."

During your shows, you usually decapitate a public figure, what kind of public figures do you plan to kill this tour?

"Well you don't want me to blow all of the surprises! Something very special is happening, on the planet this year, in America anyway. I think it has something to do with some stupid f*&#$@ election.  So GWAR will be lending their opinion upon that, and we'll probably let both candidates have a chance to express their viewpoints. It might actually come down to a fight for survival between the two. I'm pretty sure Barack would win, because everybody knows that the president is strapped, he's got a Gat! Mitt Romney would hire someone else to shoot Barack Obama, but Obama man he's got that double deuce in the waist band ya know? I like that! I like the president being strapped! He's packin' heat! He's gonna catch Romney slippin'! With all the things comin' out of Romney's mouth, I don't see how Barack could lose. Unless of course, it gets to the point where the stuff coming out of Romney's mouth is so hilarious, that we would want him as president because it's so funny."

You debuted a new member, Pustulus Maximus?

"Pustulus kinda wandered into the recording studio one day. Were not quite sure if he came from outer space or crawled his way up from the bottom levels of the GWAR Tomb. There are rumors of more creatures down there still. When the Master blasted us to Earth from his cosmic Butt Cannon, God knows what was really clogged up in there. The first creatures that hit the planet are buried the furthest in. I have always wanted to stay away from those lower levels, and fear that whatever came out of those levels would be more powerful than me. The only way I can keep order around here is have the biggest sword, the biggest mouth and the widest (phallic). But I am very happy with the arrival of Pustulus Maximus. He is a f*#($(& amazing guitarist!"

Oderus also goes on to thank the fans for the amazing support after the loss of guitarist Corey Smoot (Flattus Maximus). There is plenty more too! So check out the full interview below!