Sometimes in mixed martial arts, you see a lot of weird stuff after the final bell rings. Sometimes there will be extra trash talk, a few extra punches or both fighters claiming victory. It usually involves an extra show of display exuding confidence, sometimes arrogance, but always proclaiming victory. But what about....a tumbling competition?

Sometimes, the best fights of an entire UFC card are the ones nobody sees. Pay-per-view events are organized with the biggest names but sometimes, those fights just turn out to be a snooze (See: Every Georges St. Pierre fight since the dawn of time). Every now and again, a little gem will emerge, such as Maximo Blanco vs. Marcus Brimage back at UFC 145.

Blanco was in his first fight in the UFC after working his way up through the minor circuits and Brimage made his name in the UFC the way many do nowadays, The Ultimate Fighter.

After a close three round bout between the two, something that can only be described as absurd happened.

A gymnastics competition, and a pretty good one at that, broke out while the fighters awaited the scorecards. Brimage starts out by almost accidentally kicking Blanco during his routine, but sticks the landing fairly impressive. Seeing this and apparently feeling the weight of the impending judge's decision, Blanco matched his opponent's routing with a little number of his own. This back and forth continued for three more numbers, leaving the fans in the arena to wonder if they were at an Olympic trial event or an expensive UFC event.

Apparently the tumbling competition had a bit of a discerning effect on the judges, as the fight ended in a split decision with two judges scoring the bout in favor of Brimage and the other in favor of Blanco.

Lets not worry about who won the fight, who do YOU think won the tumbling competition? Let us know in the comments below!