Nothing makes you feel more nostalgic than that pea soupy screen., doing your best to angle it correctly in the light so you could see what you were doing. Playing Super Mario Land, Tetris and Pokemon until the wee hours in the morning. Finding four double A batteries and hope they lasted you for your trip.

That's right, those feelings go back and your Game Boy are 25 years old today!

Nintendo's Game Boy was released on July 31, 1989.

So, today is it's 25th birthday.

Hard to believe right?

Game Boy, for the longest time, was the best-selling handheld game console, but has since been defeated by Nintendo's other handheld offering, Nintendo DS.

The first version of Game Boy which I owned was the Game Boy Pocket. It was a smaller version of the console, but I think more efficient as well. It only took two AAA batteries, got rid of the green-ish screen, and fit in your pocket a lot better.

I can't even count the amount of times I angled a lamp in my house correctly on the couch and played Pokemon Blue and Yellow. My brother and I both had Game Boy Pockets, but I played the living hell out of mine! I still have it to this day, too!

Since then, handheld gaming has evolved to iPhones, iPads, PSP, etc. We can all thank the Game Boy for starting it all!