Lots of anticipation has been surrounding the next gen console that Nintendo will bring state side this upcoming holiday season. Finally, Nintendo has revealed what the Nintendo Wii U will cost and when it's coming. Is it good? Is it bad? You be the judge!

Looks like Nintendo is seeking you to chose....chose wisely now! They are looking to correct the botched release of the Nintendo 3DS (the quick price drop that is), by giving you two different options on your WiiU purchase. Here are the results...

Your first choice is the Basic Console. Kind of like the Xbox 360 with the 4GB console. Your basic set up to get you gaming for a reasonable next gen console price. This one goes for $299!






Then you have your big one! This thing is packing with the supreme setup for your Wii U goodness. It is more convenient and has charging stands for your Wii Tablet Controller. Plus it has a sleek black look that will fit any nice flat screen TV. This one goes for $349!





WiiU is due out November 18!

If you don't know to much about the WiiU, let me break it down for you.

The WiiU is the next console from Nintendo. It will feature High Def graphics and have full 3rd party support for the console. So you will see more 'adult' titles on the Nintendo console. The system will also be backwards compatible with all your past Wii titles, controllers, and accessories. The controller is a unique tablet controller. Opening up numerous possibilities for games! Another cool feature is that when you are playing a game on the television, and someone else needs to use the TV. You can wireless transfer the game from the TV to your handy tablet controller, and continue gaming.

So what do you think? Will you purchase the WiiU? Wait for the next Xbox and Playstation?

YOU DECIDE! Comment below!