Nintendo has finally given us info on the upcoming Mario Kart 8! There are a few games that I am excited about when to comes to the WiiU, and this is one of them! I have never been a HUGE fan of the Mario Kart games, but give me 3 other people, and watch the Mayhem begin!

Check out the full Nintendo Direct video below!

My biggest highlight of the video is the FREE GAME! When you purchase Mario Kart 8, you are also given a Club Nintendo code to redeem a free FULL WiiU GAME! The games you can chose from are New Super Mario Bros. U, WiiU Party, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, or Pikmin 3! Not a bad deal there! It's like a BoGo sale or something. It's quite convenient because I was hoping to buy New Super Mario Bros. U at some point.