I figured that this was going to occur, but I think I remember Nintendo stating that they will not be making a new 3DS...well guess what? After they did not announce anything during E3 Gaming Expo, Nintendo has announced a re-model (or enlargement) of their Nintendo 3DS hardware...and it's being met with mixed reviews.

For the record, I love my 3DS...it got me back into portable gaming again. Being the last time I played with a portable system was the Game Boy Advance, so it has been awhile. The 3DS XL is basically just an enlarged version of the original 3DS...no hardware improvements or anything.

Rumor has it that visuals of the games will be slightly distorted because of the fact that the screen is being stretched...kind of like a Playstation 2 game on a fancy new 80" HDTV, just doesn't look as good as it used too. Nintendo on the other hand has stated that there is "No Change" is resolution. Many hoped for the inclusion of a 2nd Circle Pad, but guess what? NOT HAPPENING! Just recently though, they announced a NEW version of Circle Pad Pro....why not just include it? The screens on the 3DS XL will be 90% bigger than the original 3DS. The battery life is also improved.

I have not personally played the thing, but I am a sucker for big things (that didn't sound good...) and I will most likely get this one because I use my 3DS for Netflix all of the time. Bigger screen=Better viewing!

Retail pricing will be $199.99 and will arrive on the console scene here in America on August 14th! You going to get it?