Last week, we took a look at Super Nintendo games that are worth cash. Keep in mind, not EVERY game is worth money. For every 'valuable' game, there are at least 30 that are not valuable. You can pick up NES games anywhere from a buck to 20 bucks, just depends on the game. Here is a quick list of some NES games that are worth some cash.

The Nintendo Entertainment System brought video gaming back into the mainstream after the gaming industry crashed. When people think of old skool gaming, this is most likely the pinnacle of old skool gaming. NES is also home of the holy grail of gaming named Nintendo World Championships

Here are a few games that have a decent value attached to them:

Bonk's Adventure-$300-$350

Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak-$700-$1000

Little Samson-$500-$900

Snow Bros.-$100-$160

Bubble Bobble 2-$250-$300

Panic Restaurant-$160-$350

Zombie Nation-$110-$160

Stadium Events-$500-$1000

Action 52-$200-$300

*Prices calculated from eBay average*

Keep in mind, these prices are basically flawless versions of the game with good labels, no plastic fading, and most importantly...they work. Plus are the sellers going to get this price for their game? Maybe or maybe not. You never know who will stumble upon it and have a fat wallet of cash and their game is sold.

Like mentioned in my SNES version of this, the Retro Market is booming right now, and when something is selling well, prices will go up.