One thing that I think would sell a lot more Nintendo WiiU's, is if they finally bring out a Super Smash Bros. game! When someone mentions a new Smash Bros. game, money basically pours out of wallets. I played Smash Bros. Brawl so much in College, we got an achievement for playing over 500 hours. People have been wondering, where is this new game? What's going to be new about it? What's so great? Nintendo FINALLY has some answers.

I watched through the entire Nintendo Direct video (Careful, it is over a 1/2 hour long) and it is FULL of NEW Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS info that we have all been waiting for. Some things you will find out in this video

  • Release times!
  • New Characters
  • Changes
  • Exclusive stages to WiiU or 3DS version
  • Improved Online

One thing that kinda caught my eye though. The gentleman says that the online is far better if you have a Wii LAN Adapter attached to the console. This was a problem that the original Wii had. Why not just install an Ethernet port on the damn thing? So if I want better connection, I have to go buy an adapter? All of the other consoles have Wireless capability and STILL have an Ethernet port. That's one thing I wish they would have changed right out of the box with WiiU, at least give us the option of direct connection. Wireless is ALWAYS going to be spotty.

There...I'm done wining....SUPER SMASH BROS...WOO!

Watch the whole thing below!