In a recent interview, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger stated that he doesn't expect his band to make the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.  When you consider that bands like KISS, Rush and Judas Priest aren't in, I don't know how any band could "expect" to make the Hall Of Fame.  In my opinion, the Hall Of Fame is a joke with little to no credibility.  However, if it's a place to honor the most famous rock bands in history, then whether you like them or not, how could you possibly deny that Nickelback belongs?  They've sold millions of albums and all they do is write and record monster hits.

They're the one band more than any other that is hated simply because of their incredible success.  Over 40,000 people signed a petition last year in an attempt to stop the band from playing at halftime of the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day football game.  What other band could get that type of reaction?

As a lifelong fan of pro wrestling and worker in the industry, I've always appreciated the heels, or bad guys, more than the faces, or good guys.  Nickelback is kind of like rock's version of Hulk Hogan.  They have reached a point where they are so good that people despise them.  Hogan turned bad in the 90's and set the wrestling world on fire.  I'd like to see Nickelback do the same.  I've never been a huge fan of the band, and maybe I'm a weirdo, but the more people hate this group, the more I seem to like them.

By the way, by my estimation Nickelback won't be eligible for induction to the Rock Hall until 2021.