Guys…have you noticed that you’re not nailing as many of your chick co-workers as you once did?   Well, you may or may not have noticed…but a new study says that the number of dudes nailing their hot co-worker chicks is way down from what it once was….Want to know why the chicks you work with won’t drop their drawers for ya as easily as they once did?

You guys remember the good old days when that hot chick from accounting just got divorced and you grabbed her by the hand and said “come on baby”, and then took her into the copy room and  did her on top of the copy machine?  Ahh…the good old days…But not so much anymore….New study just released says office romances, office relationships, and just plain banging chicks from your office is not happening nearly as often as it once did…..And yes, its related to the crappy economy….the study says that since the economy tanked, a high percentage of workers have gone into quote “ self preservation mode”…which means they’re more likely to “rat out” their co-workers as soon as they see something fishing going on…(no pun intended for girls who smell like fish)….They say workers these days have more of a “better him or her than me” kind of mentality…..and if other co-workers do find out your making the intercourse with someone in the office, they’re more likely to tell management about it, and use it to hurt your credibility, and make them seem like better employees…..since 2008, there has been a 23% rise in lawsuits claming that co-workers screwing each other has created a hostile work environment……I don’t think this study really applies to our office though….just the other day I walked around the corner and Dave Muther F’in Kim had one of our hot intern chicks propped up on the copy machine, I thought he was gonna drill that chick along with the copy machine right through the wall!…..So guys, if the chicks in your office won’t do it with ya like they used to ….don’t feel bad….its not you, its happening to everybody…..except Dave Muther F’in Kim of course….you don’t even want to know what we caught him doing to one of our hot sales chicks two weeks ago!