Here's a deadly combination...Papa Roach and Zombies.  P-Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix actually got the idea from his son and what a great idea it was.  Watch a post apocalyptic out of control world get taken over by the undead, but alas some remaining human have superpowers to annihilate crusty zombies with a simple sweep of an upheld hand.  Go super powered humans!

The song Still Swingin speaks volumes about survival, Shaddix told Loudwire in an interview, “It is the most important statement for the band. I think it just says a lot about [PAPA ROACH]. It's about my personal life, my highs and lows and what I've gone through and I'm a survivor dude. I'm a fighter. I think it's taking a challenge and I'm always willing to step up to it and I'm not going to go out without a fight. And [PAPA ROACH], we're the band that no matter what we're up against, we're gonna prevail."

Watch for yourself and then vote below - see if you agree with us...P-Roach not only survives but they rock!