Been a while since we've heard from Mr. Marilyn but the wait appears to have been worth it.  We booked him at the Orbit Room for you and it sold out in minutes.  Now I'm proud to bring you the video version of the song we've been featuring on GRD "No Reflection".

Marilyn, with a nod to Batman (the Movie Batman not the campy TV Batman)  carries off that Heath Ledger/Joker look pretty well as he walks us through usual seance scenes filled with floating tables, green blood and eerie chicks dancing around in negligees.  Pretty solid Manson stuff.

Probably put best by one poster who states;  " I'm on ecstasy! Never saw a so beautiful Manson's music video since The Golden Age of Grotesque!! I Loved this one, f____ amazing, and f____ good song!!"

The return of Marilyn Manson. No Reflection is taken from the new album 'Born Villain' released worldwide through Cooking Vinyl. Out April 30th