Hour 1

We started today's show talking about a college football coach who wants to do away with kickoffs. He says it will make the game safer but a lot of callers said they would like football less if this happened. The new cast of Celebrity Rehab was announced. We noted the repeat visit of a well known musician.

Hour 2

It's new intern week here on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. Today brought us new intern Nate, who The Zaner immediately beat down for his general appearance and weight. Joe and Steve saw an advanced screening of Super 8 last night. Both thought that the movie was good and recommended it for the rest of the guys. The CEO of GM said recently that he would support higher gas taxes. This, of course, pissed off a lot of people because gas is already crazy expensive. He feels that if the gas tax is higher, people will be more likely to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. We took a bunch of calls on this topic. In the Cool Links section, you'll see a list we went over this morning of reasons that men cyber cheat. Check it out and see if you're guilty.

Hour 3

Have you ever punched yourself in the face? While talking about a story where a guy punched himself in the face on purpose, we relived some of the great moments on the show where we made Zane do the same thing. We checked out a video of a pastor that has come up with a new meaning for the term "F.U." Check out the Video Reel section if you want to learn with us! A guy who was pissed that his ex girlfriend had an abortion put up a billboard that is getting quite a bit of attention. It's basically a picture of him holding the silhouette of a baby, urging people to not have abortions. You can see that in the Cool Links section.

Hour 4

Hot Wings had an interesting interaction with a soccer mom on the way home from work yesterdya. She was tailgating him and revving her engine, so Hot Wings did what any macho man would do: drag race! In today's FBHW Report, we played some audio of John Stewart NOT letting Anthony Weiner have it, and also audio of Barbara Walters somehow defending Weiner. We checked out a list of the ridiculous reasons that people call AAA. Some listeners called in to add their reasons to the list as well.

Hour 5

Free Beer was at the carwash yesterday and was the recipient of a real hard sell from a guy that wanted to replace his windshield. The guy has told him the same disaster scenario story the last three times he has gone in there and Free Beer finally doubled down and called him out on it yesterday. A woman got what could be one of the worst tattoos ever. She got all 150 of her Facebook friends' profile pictures tattooed on her arm. You can see how awful it looks in the Video Reel. We closed the show by talking to a couple who turned the tables on a bank and foreclosed on THEM! The bank had wrongly foreclosed on their house, so they wanted payback and got it big time. Be sure to listen tomorrow for Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,000 from our friends at Cat Footwear.