Five Finger Death Punch is gearing up to release their new album  on October 11th named "American Capatalist."

The latest album from Five Finger Death Punch is coming on October 11th and guitarist Zoltan Bathory is saying, "Yes, it is tough-guy metal. We write music for the tough guys. We write music for the lions. I don't care about the victims, cry somewhere else. That's the ideology and we fully accept that. That's what "American Capitalist" means to us.


In a world where launching a rock band has so much to do with politics and money, 5FDP has brought a raw energy and rage that has truly kicked the music scene right in the sensitive meat. Whenever tale of their new tunage explodes into blogosphere, we here at WGRD simultaneously rejoice and pass out from happiness!

Usually a new album means new tour as well! Let's hope they stop by the Orbit Room.