Avenged Sevenfold have been working on a new album with an unnamed drummer for quite a long time now. After announcing the split with Arin Ilejay last July, it's come out that Arin has been gone, and the band has been working with their new guy for over a year!

So much for all the drummers on Youtube who've been uploading their audition videos.

This Wednesday, November 4th, the band will announce their new drummer's identity, and he'll (she'll) be interviewed by Chris Jericho.

Now, the real question is...will the band let the new drummer play crazy stuff like the Rev did, or are they going to have simpler drums like they had on their last album. I know we're all hoping for something more from the drums this time, and I hope the band gets back to that!

We will have to wait and see...they could have gotten the drummer from The White Stripes, and then we'd be screwed, right?