Guys, many of you probably already know that you can never trust a woman! Most women anyway. I’m not saying you can’t trust your girlfriend or wife, you probably can, even though she probably cheated on you a couple times already and you just didn’t find out. Guys remember this next time you tell one of your chick friends something in confidence.

The next time you tell her a secret, something you don’t want other people to know, and then ask her to please not tell anyone. She will promise to not tell anyone. But she will! And she will do it lmost immediately. According to a new survey the average woman can only keep a secret for 32 minutes, before she absolutely must tell someone!

The survey was conducted for only women, so we don’t know if men are as willing to leak information so recklessly and quickly. But probably not, we are men and very trustworthy. Survey also found that about 25% of women say they can’t keep any secret at all, whatsoever, no matter how personal it is! They say even if they promised and swore up and down they wouldn’t tell, they still tell. Almost half of the women surveyed said the reason they can’t be trusted and must tell someone is because they can’t handle being the only person who knows. And finally 85% of chicks said they tell secrets they’ve promised to keep, simply because they love spreading gossip. Man, you chicks are ruthless! No wonder it’s so hard for us to trust you! So you guys remember that, you tell a girl something and ask her to promise not to tell anyone, you got 32 minutes until she does! You girls are so bad.