I like to think know how to dress for the occasion, I love clothes and tend to be a bit of a shopaholic; as of lately though I have found myself rather lazy... My normal ensemble for work has consisted of running shorts, pants, capris or sweat pants. A t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and my "pebbles" pony tail (I have short freaking hair so my pony tails tend to be on my head like Pebbles from the Flinestones...)

It's gotten to where the off chance that I do dress normal I get a slew of compliments or "Wow, you look nice today" when I am simply wearing a pair of jeans and a v-neck. Anyway now that you know that this story will hopefully start to make more sense.

The other day I decided; "I should try and look nice today!" So I tried to style my stupid short hair but it just looked stupid, so I went all thug and braided it. I thought it looked pretty cool until I ran into JT and Andy in the hallway and they both laughed and informed me that I looked like "salt n pepper" (you know the 90's rap duo...)

You see this is the kind of stuff I deal with, but I learned my lesson; don't braid your hair in any kind of "corn row" fashion if going to work.

I know this story was a little pointless but whenever I look at this picture now I think of Salt N Peppa, so I thought I would share!