Every year, there has to be a time where I have to name the Top 5 Games. This year was MASSIVE when it came to gaming, so it was not an easy thing narrowing down the Top 5 Games of 2011....so instead....I named the games that I have played, not what I think should be....you may be surprised at the selections. One way or the other, you'll love me or hate me! HA HA!

  • 1

    Mortal Kombat

    Holy crap, this game is amazing....now why? Well I have been a Mortal Kombat fan for what seems like forever. I took a chance on this game because I have been disappointed with the past few games. Then this game came around, and I keep coming back to it over and over again and keep finding more reasons to play it. YES! This is WHAT A GAME IS!!!! Story mode is great, ladder mode is back, test your might, and best of all? 2-D Fighting....the way it should be! BLOOD, GORE, MOTHER EFFIN' MORTAL KOMBAT!

  • 2

    Gears of War 3

    Surprised? Well if you been stickin' to the site, you would see I love Gears of War. This one basically takes whats good about the other two, tosses them in and then shoves out more awesomeness. It is a great ending to the trilogy in Campaign. The multi-player is stellar with a ton of variety, especially the new horde modes too. Gears is just one of those games the appeals to me, and the control is good. Although I love Gears, it just didn't make it to the top for me because it was more of the same, but still good. Why fix what isn't broken?

  • 3

    L.A. Noire

    Bet most of you forgot this game exist...ha ha....well guess what...it does! Anyway, this game is pretty sweet...because it jumps away from the norm...aka ITS NOT GRAND THEFT AUTO! The Motion Scan Technology they use to capture everything about the Human Body is just impressive, and really cool to watch. Sometime I feel like I am watching a movie. Best part though? When you are chasing a criminal, that is just overall fun! So are the interrogation scenes, just visually awesome. The game does get redundant after a bit, but keeps you playing because you want to know what happens!

  • 4

    Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Well, its Zelda...what more can I say. The amount of time you take getting to know the characters is just awesome. Sure it takes awhile, but it gets you so involved in the game that is just makes you want to play more. The motion controls may get redundant after awhile, but I look past that and really enjoy the game for what it is....classic Zelda with a new feeling. Good stuff!

  • 5

    Sonic Generations

    FINALLY! YES! WOO! ABOUT TIME! A good Sonic game? Well finally, it only took about 800 flippin' years! It's like Sega finally said, "Oh, people like old sonic, but they kinda like new sonic too....hmmm well lets just mix it together." If you are a Sonic fan, there is something for everyone in this game. The control is good, not clunky. A TON TO DO! Side missions, main story, collect this or that. Its like Sonic finally took a note from Nintendo.....and that is....reboot the old stuff, it will be good.