The years of searching have ended! Most of you will not know what this thing is, but for a classic gamer like me, this thing is awesome!

Do you know what Vector Graphics are? How about those awesome white lined games like Asteroids? Games that look like a grid?

Yes, I finally own a Vectrex!

Vectrex, a very small video game console with a built in TV screen that can display Vector graphics. I would go into detail what Vector graphics are, but that doesn't really matter right now.

I had been looking for one for a very long time, and I eventually did find one, but it was hard to spend money on something like this. Especially when I am trying to save up for a house! Then my lovely wife got me this after she found it at my old employer. I opened it up and couldn't help but laugh cause it was so awesome :)

Add this to the strange game stuff that Ned has!