My Chemical Romance are enjoying the success of their latest album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, but the original record that was scrapped in favor of Danger Days might still see the light of day.

MCR actually had a whole album ready to go as a follow-up to their 2006 album, The Black Parade.  Not only did they have almost 30 songs completed, the New Jersey rockers picked out singles and took promo shots for the collection.  However, the project was put on hold and a new batch of songs were made, which would eventually make their way onto Danger Days.  However, the band is apparently considering the option of releasing the "lost" album.

“Just last week I started playing on one of the computers backstage and some of the tracks which we had on the last attempt at the record were on it and we were humming them back and forth and thinking they were really good," guitarist Frank Iero told Rock AAA.  "At some point it would be nice for some of them to see the light of day but there is no plan for that at the moment."

“Right now they are just for us but I actually did have this idea when we were making the record.  I said ‘I have this great idea that we should record two records and release one and put the other away in the vault so when the band breaks up so it would be the last MCR record ever’.  We thought that would be fun and we kind of did it but I don’t know if it is going to be our last record.”

Iero also revealed when My Chem realized that they had to start over.

“We finished the first time and we had run out of time which meant we were in the mixing studio with songs which weren’t quite done.  At the same time we still had songs we wanted to write but we put that on hold and went to the studio and we wrote ‘Na Na’, ‘Vampire Money’, ‘Planetary’ and ‘Sing’.  And once we finished ‘Sing’ I think that was the defining moment and we knew we liked them better than the 20 or 30 songs we had finished so we had to ask ourselves what we were doing.  If we had come to that realization before finishing those four songs I think it would have been very scary but we were so happy with the path that we were on at that point that it just made sense.”

Would you like to hear what the abandoned songs sound like?  Comment below.

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