MUTEMATH have earned a reputation of being one of the most unique bands in alt rock since the release of their self-titled album in 2006. The band does an excellent job of meshing their music with elaborate stage sets during their live shows. MUTEMATH are currently on tour in support of their latest album Odd Soul, and will play at The Intersection tonight (March 1) in downtown Grand Rapids. I had the pleasure of talking to drummer Darren King and bassist Roy Mitchell earlier today.

Odd Soul is the first album without longtime guitarist Greg Hill, who left the band in 2010. King explained that Hill's heart wasn't into the group anymore.

"I think he got worn out," the stickman explains. "He left because he was done. At the same time we all felt weary but we were at different places. I miss him dearly".

While the split didn't seem to end on completely bad terms, Hill has apparently cut all ties with his former bandmates. When I asked if he still kept in touch with Hill, King responded:

"We don't, and it's sad to me because I've known him since I was 12. I feel like I can't because all I do is the band. That's what I talk about with people. I'm sure some day we'll be able to be buddies and talk about the [New Orleans] Saints".

Mitchell had to pull double duty while MUTEMATH were recording Odd Soul, performing both bass and guitar tracks. The task didn't seem to faze Mitchell at all.

"It was liberating in a way," Mitchell states. "We just vibed off each other, reacted off the ideas we had. I was very comfortable with guitar. It was one of my first instruments anyways. It wasn't a hindrance or mental block for me. It was actually the opposite. I felt like, 'Wow, I get to explore this now and have fun'.

You can watch the full interview below, including Darren teaching me a new term called "douchebumps". MUTEMATH premiered the music video for their latest single "Allies" earlier this month.

Tickets are still available for tonight's show at The Intersection. Trust me, you won't regret seeing them live.

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