Last week, one of the most entertaining metal acts Mushroomhead, made a stop at the Intersection. Mushroomhead is known for there insane shows, signature stage personas, water drums, and hard driving kick ass metal. I even got the chance to sit in with lead vocalist Waylon Reavis and talked about what his thoughts of modern day metal are.

First of all, I effin' love Mushroomhead. These guys are one of the most hard working metal groups you will ever hear and see. Getting the chance to meet them was pretty damn awesome.

Mushroomhead is an industrial metal act that started in 1993 in Cleaveland, OH. They have had 7 albums along with 15 music videos. They also have 2 DVD's named 'Volume 1 and 2.' Mushroomhead I am sure has never stopped touring, making stops in Grand Rapids, MI usually about twice a year. They are clearly defined by their stage personas and mask they wear on stage. Waylon Reavis is one of the lead vocalist of Mushroomhead alongside of Jeffery Nothing (who recently released a solo album)

When asked what other metal acts that Mushroomhead would tour with...

"Me personally, I would tour with Rammstein."

Since the group has been around since 1993, I had to know what Waylon thought of 'Modern Day Metal...'

"Modern day metal?.........There are some great bands out there, but i've got what I like. Honestly, I am kinda dissapointed. It's like everybody is chasing everybody's tail. It's sounding all the same. You get one band that blows up, and then everybody sounds like that band. I just think that there is a lack of creativity."

Off camera Waylon and I talked about video games (this dude is one HUGE GAMER!) past jobs, and even who inspires him (which is Maynard James Keenan)!

Check out more of Mushroomhead here and be sure to check out there latest album "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children."