I'll start off by saying that I totally respect all of the dudes out there who are growing out their facial hair in order to (in theory) raise money for cancer research during the month of November. I'm actually pretty surprised that Movember has taken off the way that it has, but I have to assume that part of its success is the fact that it gives guys a reason to be lazy when it comes to the grooming department and use "it's for cancer!" as an excuse. But, we ladies were feeling a little left out. I mean we can't grow a beautiful beard or magnificent mustache (well, most of us can't). So what are we to do? I give you Decembeaver.

This video, explains Decembeaver, and all of the redeeming qualities it has ("it's for cancer!") and stars several women, one of whom you may recognize (crazy Irene from The Real World!). That's right, gentleman, we're going to allow our vaginas to look like Bob Ross all for the sake of raising money for cancer. I mean, if you can look like a homeless lumberjack for cancer, we should be able to look like a 1970's porn star for cancer.