This video deserves the NSFL (Not safe for life) tag.  A woman in Cuba is caught on tape holding her son down while he is tattooed against his will.  No child should have to suffer through something like this.  It just isn't right.

Be warned, this is extremely messed up, most of the WGRD crew couldn't make it through the entire video.

This is the YouTube description of the video:

A TWISTED mum has been caught on camera restraining her screaming toddler son as he is given a TATTOO.

The clip shows the terrified lad, believed to be three, trying to escape as he writhes in agony.

Shockingly, his mum pins him to her chest during the procedure, understood to have taken place in Havana, Cuba.

At one point, she is heard saying "mire, mire" - Spanish for "look" - as her distraught child continues to scream and cry.

Hardcore dance music is heard playing in the background during the disturbing 1min 6sec film, posted online over the weekend.