Anyone who has ever seen the show 'Breaking Bad' inherently understands that when it comes to running a crystal meth operation, subtlety is pretty important. There are some definite "don'ts" when it comes to slingin' the devil's rock candy. For instance, you never want to employ a person to stand in a Statue of Liberty costume outside of your meth lab with a sign that pronounces the quality of your product. You should never run down a street with a megaphone screaming "METH HERE, GET YOUR METH!" Oh and you should never inscribe the truck you are using as your meth lab with the words "Meth Lab!" One idiot did just that.

One resident of the city of Memphis will never be known for his brain capacity. Memphis Police report stopping a man for a simple license plate violation and ended up finding a meth lab. The man who was stopped had warrants for previous meth-related fun. One thing that really hurt his case was the inscription of the words "Meth Lab" on all of the windows. The suspect had plenty of all the right fixins' in the truck. And here he thought he had a great new way to reach new customers. Now all he's gonna reach is  for the prison soap with a twinkle of terror in his eyes.

[Source: WBIR]