Miley Cyrus never fails to surprise, and her new black and white S&M-influenced video is no exception.

The pop singer has been out of the spotlight recently after a severe allergic reaction landed her in the hospital, forcing her to reschedule multiple dates of her Bangerz Tour.

No matter, Cyrus is still entertaining with her unpredictability, even while recovering.

In her latest video, via Nowness, the 21-year-old has stripped down to leather and electrical tape. If anyone can pull off the strange ensemble, it’s the girl of ‘Wrecking Ball’ fame!

Aided with props and accessories, including high-waisted fishnets, long strips of leather and, of course, her tongue, Cyrus writhes and twists on camera to the tune of 'Stockholm Syndrome' by 30’s featuring Zoee. The combination of tangible props and digital effects gives the video a fanciful feel, balanced by the provocative Cyrus. (This combo of concrete and digital might be the influence of director Quentin Jones, who specializes in multimedia art and film.)

The ‘Adore You’ singer’s acrobat-like movements fit well with the sultriness of the music. The S&M influences give the video a sexy feel, if the nearly nude Cyrus didn’t already accomplish that.

The video is undeniably bizarre, but the singer makes it work.

-- Mandi Salerno, PopCrush

Source: PopCrush