I don't own an Xbox One, nor has it really compelled me to purchase the new console quite yet, especially with its hefty price tag of $500! It doesn't help that there are no games that I am interested in either.

One big issue I had, though, was the fact that Kinect was included with the purchase. I rarely use mine, and neither do most gamers. Today, though, Microsoft FINALLY ditched the peripheral.

I will admit, the original Kinect does have it's cool games.

I do enjoy Dance Cental and Kinect Adventures, but they are not games that I want to stand up and play for hours!

Motion video gaming was a fad that stuck around, but has slowly started to deteriorate after a while.

Microsoft, on the other hand, felt as though it still really existed like it was 2006 again, and bundled the new Xbox One with a new version of Kinect. On top of that, Microsoft stated you NEEDED Kinect to be plugged in at all times to use Xbox One. It also featured the always on feature, which made people very uneasy wondering if people from other places were watching them.

It was just a PR disaster that wasn't executed properly, with a little too much wishy-washy type of stuff.

Today, Microsoft announced that Kinect is now an option when you purchase an Xbox One, dropping the price from $500 to $400. All I can say is ... IT'S ABOUT TIME!

My guess is that Microsoft saw the amazing sales of PS4 and figured that they better catch up.

Sometimes catching up means ditching your old marketing plan. Bundeling Kinect with the Xbox One just didn't work out at all. Even the mega-popular game Titanfall doesn't use the Kinect at all!

With a more attractive price point of $400, I hope they will just make it a good game console, as opposed to this media powerhouse that these companies think we need. Hence this is why I enjoy my Nintendo WiiU so much!

Video games with not a huge focus on what else it can do: That's what I grew up with.