The well awaited Microsoft Press Conference is over, and many people are dissapointed but excited for what is to come from Microsoft this coming year! Here are some key points on what is going on in the Microsofts gaming!

Many of the developers have set a prime focus on Microsoft Kinect, it seems like the developers really want to take advantage of this great technology and use it to the best advantage. There are 2 games in particular that will very much utilize it, and that is a STAR WARS game and MASS EFFECT 3. In the Star Wars game, you can REALLY use the force by force pushing, turning on a lightsaber, etc. You really will feel like a Jedi! But the best part for sure, is the way Mass Effect 3 will utilize the Voice Recognition. If you played Mass Effect, you will know that you must chose what you will say next by selecting it on-screen. With Kinect, you just SAY it! Its like your actually talking to the in-game characters. In Ghost Recon Future Soldier, you can customize weapons by hand movements! Microsoft is really pushing Kinect.......let's see how it turns out

Along with more Kinect goodness, a new Xbox interface is in the works which will allow live television to be streamed via Xbox, even local channels.

Lastly, non kinect wise...the first Halo game (Halo: Combat Evolved) is getting re-made for Xbox 360. But still in Halo news....the biggest thing for Holiday 2012......HALO 4! Master Chief lives!

What are your thoughts on this? Will you support Kinect? Halo 4?