Michelle Beadle, our Crush of the Day, is the co-host of ‘SportsNation’ on ESPN along with Colin Cowherd. She is our crush because she makes a show about people voting on unimportant sports questions somewhat enjoyable.

Have you ever watched ‘SportsNation?’ It’s about polls. (Don’t be perverted — voting polls.) It’s about announcing and discussing the results of questions that are answered by people with nothing better to do than surf ESPN. com all day. What team has the best chance to have the most criminals on the roster next year? What quarterback should do a commercial for erectile dysfunction? What poll do you want to vote on next? Actually, those would all be interesting poll questions.

Beadle is the lone bright spot on a show about clicking a mouse over hundreds of questions per day. She could talk to us about polls all day. (Ok, in that instance, we were talking about the other type of pole.)

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