Most likely the most 'metal' show of all time on television, animated series 'Metalocalypse' is getting renewed for a 4th season on Cartoon Networks late night block 'Adult Swim.' In the words of Dethklok, "That's Brutal!"

If you have never watched this show, it is definitely not meant for kids. This show is full of blood, nudity, swearing, disturbing images,  and metal. What more could you want from a show?

It was in question of whether the show would continue after 'slumping' ratings after the 3rd season, but fortunately was renewed for the new season. The first two seasons featured episodes that were 15 minutes long, then afterwards were made into 30 minute blocks. Which in my opinion, tampered with the shows format. It became more about story, thus attention spans were lost.

Metalocalypse has featured many members from different metal bands such as Metallica and Arch Enemy.

As Pickels the drummer would say, "That is the most metal thing I have ever heard in my whole life! High five."