When Metallica's ...And Justice for All album came out, I was blown away by the music.  The long, crazy songs, the time signature changes, the pure epicness of the entire album was (and still is) freaking amazing!

There are a couple songs on the album that I don't feel have gotten the love they deserve, and "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" is one of them.  This is one (if not the only) song in Metallica's catalog that they've NEVER played live.

Until last night!  On Metallica's "By Request" tour in Europe, the fans voted for them to play this amazing lost song, and, being Metallica, they did, at the Sonisphere in Helsinki, Finland.  This is fan-footage, and I'm hoping Metallica will release a better video and audio recording of the song.  They probably will.  Enjoy!