I'm puzzled. Now I love Metallica as much as the next guy but I'm having a hard time "gettin" the Lou Reed connection. Yeah sure there is the Velvet Underground influence on the music industry, he slept with as many dudes as he did chicks, and had his head so far up Andy Warhols bung-hole he could of been considered an a__ appendage but where does Metallica and stuff like "Death Magnetic" fit into this equation?

Honorable tributes by Metallica in the past include Diamond head, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Budgie, Bob Seger and more. Hell, Garage Days Revisited is an entire memoriam to bands who have influenced Metallica (including New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement) throughout the years. Could we have just stopped there? Was it necessary to pluck some 70 yr old bi-sexual from obscurity and let him mumble around on recordings like Dick Clark on New Years Eve?

With that in mind here's a 30-second preview of the upcoming Lou Reed & Metallica single "The View". The  single which will be available on iTunes on September 27th. Guess the entire album will be out on November 1, and titled "LuLu". Let me know what you think ok?