1993, that glorious film by the name of Jurassic Park showed up in theaters. I remember begging my mother to bring me to the theater to see it, which in the end, I saw it about 5 times in theaters if I remember right. I had action figures, play sets, etc. I freakin' loved Jurassic Park.

19 years later after the film was released, I finally got to visit Jurassic Park.

I was dating this girl (who is now my wife) named Katie, and she was all about traveling (still is) She said that we should take a trip to Florida. Now the last time I was in Florida was as a VERY small child, and I can barely remember the trip.

Katie and I figured we should go to Universal Studios. As a kid, I ALWAYS wanted to go there. I grew up with Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Nickelodeon, and all of those awesome things, and they always advertised Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The time had come to finally take a trip to Florida and visit the park I have longed to attend.

Sadly, the ride I was MOST excited for was converted to The Simpsons ride. I wanted to go to Doc Browns Lab and ride in the Time Machine! Even though it was gone, I didn't let it bum me out.

Best part? I finally got to Jurassic Park! Katie was very excited to visit Harry Potter World, but I knew what I was there for! Seeing the Jeeps, the Visitor Center, and all of the other stuff was pretty surreal. I know it was just a park, but close enough man!

If you get the chance, check out Universal, especially if you were a 90's kid like me.

Also that Churro I am holding was fantastic.

*Cue awesome Jurassic Park Theme*