Not going to far back for this one, but this was definitely one of my favorite interviews I ever did. Interviewing is kind of an art, making sure you ask the right questions, and attempting to make it more of a conversation then necessarily and interview where you already know the answer to the questions. Huntess was that and more!

Jill Janus and Blake of Huntress were some of the nicest people I have ever met in a band. Plus Jill really knows how to command a crowd. Plus here voice is made of razors and nails, seriously.

During the interview, we just had a fun time, and was the first time a band offered me free shot of Jager (after that was Pop Evil). You could also tell that they were having a good time during the interview, cause during this time, they weren't getting a lot of radio interviews. Then I swooped in and offered to chat with them!

Watch the interview below, still a lot of fun.