When you go to a KISS show, you can't just show up in a concert t-shirt, NO WAY! When you see a KISS show, you need to get properly made up in KISS makeup. You must pick your favorite KISS member, and get made up!

May favorite member and inspiration has always been Paul 'Starchild' Stanley. Sure, he may be a little feminine and such, but that dude sure could belt out a tune and knew how to command a crowd. Which I actually learned how to talk to a large crowd because of Paul Stanley, and has quickly became my favorite thing to do.

Plus my friend Mike there, he was always a fan of Gene 'The Demon" Simmons. This picture was taken in my old dorm room at Eastern Michigan University before we went and checked out the Cobo Hall show a few years back. It was a big deal if you knew the history of KISS, and it was awesome to see them back at Cobo after all these years.

Can't go wrong with the Starchild

(Photo: Metalhead Ned)