I have worked in retail for a number of years. When I wasn't dealing with horrible customers that felt as though I owed them the world, I was worried about how the store looked. Specifically when I worked at GameStop in Rivertown Crossings Mall. I think people moved games and had fun by putting them in the wrong spot so I would get pissed trying to find it, and I would get PISSED! Then this happened.

My old co-worker Brian (we called him B-Train) were working one day, hating people as usual, and gutting games. Gutting games meant taking the game disc out of the box, putting it in a sleeve, filing it, then placing the case on the end of the cash rap to be put on the floor. This certain day, we had well over 100 games we had to gut, so the stack just kept growing. It grew so much that the games were becoming tipsy.

While Brian and I were helping a customer, this massive stack of games just slowly fell over and made the loudest sound of all time. Every customer froze wondering what happened, as this plethora of game cases fell to the floor. You figured we would just get angry, but in the end, we were just so frustrated and stressed from our daily tasks, that we just started to laugh.

We eventually got it cleaned up, but I had to snap this picture first.