I have this little App on my phone called Timehop. Basically it's another thing that is attached to my Facebook info that searches through my old post per day and see's what I posted that day years ago. This little picture popped up and brought me back 6 years ago!

Not only was I skinnier, but that black hair man. This was during the time I was going to College while working at WGRD, as an Intern at the time. We were at Shawmut Hills, a place that sells ATV's, Jet Ski's, etc. Me and former employee Mike just wanted to take a nice picture, but if you know me (or him event...), there is no such thing as a "nice" picture. However, I think we look pretty good in it, don't you?

If you don't mind having another account attached to your Facebook, Timehop is a pretty cool app.