I know, it's really early to even thing about Halloween. It is my favorite holiday though! Dressing up in something awesome and going to countless parties. I will say though, I miss 'Trick or Treating.' Instead of a hangover, you had over 5 pounds of FREE CANDY! One year though, my Halloween costume topped many lists.

As we all know, Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game series. One year, I went all out and collected some clothing from local Goodwills and Salvation Armies. I also bought some burlap from Field's Fabrics and a Hockey mask from a Halloween store.

Little glue here, some sewing, splatter some blood, and I had a terrifying costume. It also help that I had hairy arms and some weight on my to add to the effect of my character.

That's right! I was Bagman from Resident Evil 4. Kid's didn't even want to come up to the house, I was that terrifying. Apparently the costume was so good, local haunted house 'The Haunt' even adapted my homemade costume.

(Photo: Metalhead Ned/WGRD.com)