Living an everyday life, I tend to see really weird, interesting, and even sometimes...just plain normal stuff. Here is where I am going to share a pic of something cool...or sometime not, whatever sounds good for that day. Check out this pic here!

This pic this week comes from on stage at The Orbit Room!

I was there getting things ready for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Live at Laughfest show, and seized the opportunity to stand on the stage.

I love being on stage, ever since I was a kid, I loved being on stage and in front of people entertaining. I have seen some of the best musicians at the Orbit Room, and have even been given the opportunity to intro some bands there. Also, knowing that the KING of guitar Dimebag Darrell stood on this stage at one time is good enough for me.

Standing on this stage in front a full house of fans is one of the most intoxicating experiences ever. The Orbit Room is defiantly a home for me.