I put together a Gaming Get Together last weekend. Sure, you can link a bunch of Xbox's together and play a large amount of FPS.' This night though, that wasn't what it was all about! We wanted to go classic! The biggest draw though, the use of Projection TV!

Playing classic Nintendo games and Mario Kart 8 on a projection screen has to be one of the most awesome times I have ever played video games.

Mario Kart 8 looked great on the big screen, but having and HD game being downgraded made it kind of hard to see the screen.

When we played Kirby's Dream Course though? Damn...that was awesome! It looked so crystal clear and everything! If you are looking for a good way to play classic video games, get yourself a white bed sheet, a projector, and some classic games. It also helps if you have a surround sound system to get that epic sound. We tried Super Metroid on the screen with the sound system.

Best thing ever!