Dave Kim, JT, and Steve The Web Guy are ALL at Orion Music and More Festival this weekend. This, as a Metalhead, is pretty disappointing. Not only do I have to work at my other job all weekend, but I am missing a Metallica lovers DREAM SHOW! So here is a post that might cheer up you metal heads that are NOT enjoying the greatness of Orion Music and More Festival.

I might not be there, but let us remember that James Hetfield is a TABLE!

Here is also 2 HOURS of Live Metallica!

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Honestly, I have never seen Metallica before... yea yea yea... I know... but I have met/seen KISS....which honestly has nothing to do with anything....I just wanted to share this with you.

Man, I wish I was at Orion...I hope you enjoyed this interesting post, I am sure another one will come up again.

I also typed in "Metal Kitten" into Google and found this...the internet will explode soon.