Missed this weeks Metal Minute?

Here is the recap!

Mastodon has announced they will start a new leg of their 2014 tour with Gojira and Kvelertak. The tour begins in early October in Idaho and will continue on to Atlanta at the beginning of November.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has stated that the new Slipknot album is 98% done! Corey went on to say that all he needs to do is head into the studio to listed to see if there is anything that needs touching up, and then the album will be complete.  No release date has been set, but I am sure we will hear very soon!

System of a Down's John Dalmayan stated that he is not really happy with where the band is at right now. It has been 9 years since System of a Down has released any kind of new album and from what it looks like, they are still nowhere near that. For the time being, fans sit and wait wondering what is to become of System of a Down.

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