Just in case you missed the Metal Minute this week, here is the lowdown!

Mushroomhead has exclusively shared a brand new track from their upcoming album, The Righteous and The Butterfly named Qwerty. Mushroomhead is currently setting out on tour with Rockstar Mayhem Fest, and you can check the new track at loudwire.com

Wanna be the new vocalist for ex slipknot drummer Joey Jordisons band Scar The Martyr? Now you can! Scar the Martyr is on a national search for a new vocalist to the band, and if you think you have the guts, check out loudwire.com to find out how you can audition.

Slipknot has been working to book more bands to their Knotfest show in Japan. Added to the headlining lineup is also Korn and Limp Bizkit. Knotfest will take place in Japan in November of this year.