The 'Art of Interviewing' is a creative thing. Not everyone can interview perfectly, and what you here in a radio interview is normally never live. Getting a perfect interview is rare, and I hoped that would happen with my interview with Korn's Jonathan Davis. Well...not so much...I lost my cool in a matter of seconds.

I was pretty excited when I found out that I was interviewing the lead singer of Korn. However, let me give you the basis of what happened behind the scenes. The phone line with Davis started to ring and I picked it up through our broadcast board, and to my amazement...HE COULDN'T HEAR ME! Then...CLICK...he hung up..

Panicking, I ran to the other studio as with radio tour interviews, you only have 10 mins to interview him. So every moment I was trying to figure out the stupid thing, I was wasting precious time. If you saw me, my adrenaline was at an all time high and I was running down halls! Got a hold of him on my cell phone and boom, the interview started!

I was doing really good, adrenaline was high, and we were having a good conversation. Then, all that adrenaline drained and my body and thought process...just went dead.

I lost all train of thought and sounded like a dork...listen below and judge for yourself.

Ah can't win em' all :)