There are a lot of games that are considered 'rare' or 'hard to find' out there. There is another game in my collection that I am also quite proud of. I found this one at a local shop here in Grand Rapids named Vidiots, and he had this game at a STEAL of a price. On eBay, this one fetches quite the price.

After looking on eBay, this game easily goes for around $90 to $180. Which is surprising to me because I checked eBay for this same game around the beginning of this year and you couldn't find one for less than $120! On the other hand, eBay isn't the final say on how much a game is worth, it's just the easiest way to find out.

It's a fun game, but like the Angry Video Game Nerd said, it's a real set back from Castlevania IV, but that's another story altogether. I'm just happy to have this one on my shelf.