2 Years ago, I was pretty new to the art of interviewing. Making sure you find the right questions and being able to spread out from whatever the interviewee has to say. So I was pretty green when it came to interviewing. Then I got an email that just flat out stated...

"You wanna interview Phil Anselmo?"

How could I turn down an opportunity like that? I am I huge Pantera/Down fan! You may have heard over the years about the whole situation of Zakk Wylde filling in on guitar for Pantera and the whole Pantera reunion stuff.

I don't mean to brag but when this interview came out with Phil saying that he wasn't 'open' to Zakk playing guitar, this interview blew up! It even got Zakk Wylde to comment on it thanks to this interview. It was crazy!

Time for a flashback, to the interview that stirred the Pantera Reunion pot.